Developing Players

That Take The Lead.

Training and Leadership


Eastern Massachusetts Hawks was established in 2010 to help develop boys into young men on their lacrosse journey.  Hawks takes pride in the individual coaching on the field as well as providing leadership and support off of the field.

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We're excited to welcome Buzzards Lacrosse into the Hawks Family! Click below to read a letter from Hawks owner, Kevin Orcutt, on everything you need to know and details about an upcoming open house.

Our Tenents


Put in The Work

Your teammates are counting on you to be the best you can be. Part of being a good teammate is sacrificing time and energy to be better.


Be a Leader

It starts with you. What are you doing when no one is looking? Are you taking shortcuts or are you pushing yourself to be the best teammate you can be?


Build Community

Our coaches and trainers are focused on building as a unit. All Hawks are valued and heard. You have a place and it is with us.


Reach Goals

We set our sights in the distance and near. Whether you want to achieve collegiately, or improve a specific skill in your game, we are focused on achieving our goals.


Kevin Orcutt

Orcutt has earned numerous coaching awards over the past twenty years ranging from Pilgrim Conference Coach of the Year (Cohasset), South Shore League Coach of the Year (2x at Abington), Boston Globe Coach of the Year (Cohasset), and Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League Coach of the Year (Boston College).  He now runs Hawks Academy in Rockland that works to give great opportunities to South Shore young men with some of the best coaches South of Boston.

Training Facility

Hardkore Athletics

With state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, and professional trainers, Hardkore Athletics provides an edge for Hawks Lacrosse players over your competition.


The Sanctuary

Pushing your body in lacrosse and performance training takes its toll. It's vitally important to take care of yourself in between workouts. The Sanctuary offers Hawks players a place to rejuvenate peacefully.